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Halloween Dance Party! [Near Syracuse NY]

OK, so you were going to do something lame this year... OR the same ol thing you do every year...

WELL get excited!

Because There is going to be an EPIC Dance Party in my new barn on Saturday the 29th, rain or shine, or even snow!
There will also be a Bonfire!

It is totally private, and we can be as loud and crazy as we want for as long as we want.
Maybe you remember the August party a year ago? this is going to be better!! SO your coming right?

Same rules apply :
everyone is welcome
NO DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (someone didn't get this last year)
No weapons
If you have dogs, let me know way in advance
No drama
Bring a sleeping bag and your bathroom stuff if your going to stay. I have crash space for maybe 12 comfortably, but we could accommodate more.

Be advised: I don't have internet, and I get pretty bad cell reception. It is a party about being with friends, having a good time, and being completely free to express yourself any way you want (except for the drugs and weapons parts...) AND DANCING to Electronica, house, trance, jump style. Oh did I mention DANCING in Fursuit? We have over 1000W of audio power! - I'll have some big fans

There may be a Mall fursuit run doing the day also, If we get interest, I will take my 40' Class A RV down there, so we have a 'stylin place to change.

I will provide drinks and food, donations will be appreciated though!

Please RSVP! I will provide directions etc. The place is 1 hour travel time north of Syracuse NY a few miles off of Rt 81.
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