takatha (takatha) wrote in ottfur,

Dance party / bonfire BE THERE!!!

Saturday night/ Sunday, Mannsville NY - about 1 hour south of Kingston

PandraPowered / mixes from by BBF! Party like Tim Duru! High probability of fursuit dancing (at least I will be!) I'll have some big fans to keep cool.

16 x 24 mostly enclosed dance floor! I plan to put cardboard over the whole shop area...

Lots of wood to have a very large bonfire also. Costumes / fursuits of any kind are encouraged!

Crash space in the house, on the dance floor if we actually stop... or in my 40' RV.

Food/drink will be provided - post with special requirements. Anticipating Dinner/ breakfast / snacks. I will try to find a hoard of glowsticks also.

My place is VERY private and anything goes except: No violence, No drugs, no alchohol, no smokes (smokes outside only)

If you have dj lights, speakers amps etc - bring it! I have basic stuff, but should have enough power to make it VERY loud.

I have a fenced guest dog yard available - please notify if you plan on bringing your dog / pets.

email takatha@msn.com for directions and phone number.

EVERYONE is welcome!
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